How it All Began


Baking is my most fondest memory as a child! Starting with holiday cookies with my grandmother to brownies with my mom, and my dad teaching me how to ice my first cake. He always told me, "Don't be afraid of it, Just Do It" ( he actually still tells me this to this day about everything in life). But my first love was Chocolate. I fell in love on my first visit to Hershey Park , I have learned a lot about real chocolate since that visit :).Besides loving everything and anything chocolate, I love the challenge of working with it. 

Through the years I would find myself always being drawn back into the kitchen baking and dipping anything I could in Chocolate. Realizing this was my Love & Passion. I would always have my friends and family as my taste testers. Then they started placing orders and one thing led to another and Shacolat Konfections was born. In the midst of this a friend of mine asked me to make a fondant cake, knowing this was the last thing I wanted to do but I do love a good challenge. In turn, this is how I found my creative side with decorating cakes. 

So Today I Bake, Decorate Cakes, and make Chocolates & Candies. 
I guess I could call myself a Baker, Pastry Chef, Cake Decorator, & Chocolatier in One!
Everything is handmade by me with the freshest & best ingredients with no preservatives.